Leave yesterday’s metrics in the dust. Present dynamic, one-to-one content. Know precisely when prospects take action. Streamline your fulfillment supply chain. Like an all-wheel communications drive, Sexton’s unique group of “strategic” personnel helps clients mobilize an enriched blend of push- and pull-powered marketing. Our proprietary blend of technology services includes:

Database development, segmentation, and profiling
Variable, multichannel messaging
Trackable response systems
Personalized URL technologies
Web-enabled marketing automation
Cross-media campaign measurement
Marketing and creative services

Whether used à la carte or inclusively, Sexton technologies transcend traditional marketing — a communications autobahn, so to speak. Buckle up and shift to marketing overdrive.


We can help with your promotions and communications planning.

Our Strategic division comprises a unique group of individuals with marketing, logistics, and IT backgrounds. They’re experts in today’s data-driven technologies. Make them part of your strategic discussions, and they’ll help you integrate measurable, relevant, cross-channel communications.