Sexton was green before green was trendy. From the energy-efficient lighting turned on in the morning to the recycling bins taken out at night, we do our best to make a difference. Here are just a few examples.

:Azura TS chemistry-free plate system

Not only do these plates perform better on press, they help us eliminate use of more than 150,000 gallons of water per year.

Digital premedia

Services like online proofing, digital printing, and web-to-print fulfillment reduce waste and can make your job a whole lot easier.


By recycling everything from packing peanuts to pressroom inks, we make sure nothing reusable gets tossed.


As one of the nation’s largest wholesale nurseries and founder of the ‘Trees Are Cool’ program, we are particular about suppliers’ environmental initiatives. Sexton meets our high standards with... more >
Patrick B., Vice President of Sales
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Global Access

Sexton’s Web-enabled solutions streamline workflows and eliminate several duplicate activities. And, they provide increased levels of… more >

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When it comes to marketing, today’s clients and CEOs no longer proceed on faith alone. Yes friend, they seek… more >

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Variable Content

We can’t sling just any bull at today’s savvy audiences. Using Sexton’s digital technologies, you can customize messages, engage prospects one-to-one… more >