G7 Quality

As a result of extensive training and the latest equipment, Sexton is qualified as a G7 Master Printer. For us, achieving this status is kind of a big deal. To you, it simply means that your finished print materials will look great—and virtually identical from proof to press and from press to press.

G7 is a revolutionary process developed by IDEAlliance and is based on principles of digital imaging, spectrophotometry, and computer-to-plate technologies. It breaks from tradition by focusing on colorimetric data for gray balance in the mid-tones rather than on densitometric values for each color. G7 is named for this calibration technique and its 7 required ISO ink colors.

Don’t compromise, come to Sexton. Our workflow, proofing systems, and print technologies ensure that what you approve is what you’ll get. In addition, our new eco-friendly platemaking processes create graphics that are cleaner, crisper, and more vibrant than ever.


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Variable Content

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Timothy D., Editor
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Creative Ideas

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