About Sexton

For an organization that’s fairly humble when it comes to self promotion, people sure know our name. Many champion our innovative brand of print and communications offerings. Others tout the reputation we’ve established as an unselfish and conscientious employer. Whatever the reason, we’ve been privileged to work with countless Twin Cities organizations since 1949.

In an industry this large, who would have thought that our West St. Paul company would have been one of the first in the country to implement a complete PDF workflow. Yep, we were…and it doesn’t stop there. Today, our G7 Master status, unsurpassed digital quality, multichannel integration, sustainability practices, and HITRUST data-security certification are helping us strengthen our industry position.

Yeah, we’re a little different. But you may not know how much unless you’ve been behind the scenes. The bottom line never blurs our mission to provide individualized service at a more-than-fair price. And no resting on laurels. We stay at the top of our game by being accountable to a daily gamut of key performance indicators—not to mention maintaining a best-in-class Dun & Bradstreet rating.

We were here yesterday and we’ll be here tomorrow. So if you want over-the-top treatment on current and future projects, just contact us.


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Digital Marketing

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Creative Ideas

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Thank you, Dave and everyone at Sexton, for another great year. We ask so much of you and often forget to tell you how happy we are with your work. I guess it is a given—that you do your best every time... more >
Sara K., Creative Director
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Market Knowledge

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