Tech Support

Faster than a spinning hard drive and able to leap tall server racks in a single bound, Sexton’s IT staff can help you with everything from software configuration and production improvements to workflow efficiency. In fact, our Vice President of Digital Production, Shawn Meyer, is one of the Twin Cities’ leading premedia experts and a frequent seminar speaker.

Telephone consultations
On-site system audits
Project management
Desktop and file troubleshooting


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Mailing Experts

Whether by the armload or truckload, Sexton’s mailing experts are masterful at negotiating the postal service’s labyrinth of requirements. They’ll help ensure… more >

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Transcend Ink

Print is alive. And it’s more evolved than we knew it yesterday. Through an almost metamorphic transformation, print has emerged… more >

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Market Knowledge

While our services are applicable to nearly any industry, we’ve concentrated our efforts on becoming experts in a few: healthcare, medical-device manufacturing, education… more >

Thanks again for the opportunity to attend the seminar this morning. It was fabulous, and a dynamic speaker with endless knowledge to share is... more >
Sue S., Creative Manager