Offset Print & Finishing

Remember when print quality mattered? Like a finely tailored suit, it makes a statement about an organization—take notice, we’re in the game!

At Sexton, we haven’t forgotten quality. And while many cut costs by ignoring critical factors like paper grain direction, we found more innovative methods to help our customers. When you boil it down, printing actually accounts for only a fraction of collateral development and distribution expenses. Obsolescence, waste, redesign, shipping, and warehousing often comprise up to ten times production costs.

Beyond an extensive stable of equipment and G7 Master Qualification, the most compelling reason to work with Sexton may be our holistic approach to print communications. We can help you implement a combination of lean workflows, Web-enabled services, mailing efficiencies, distribution economies, short-run printing, and long-run production to maximize quality and keep costs in check.


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Supply Chains

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Book Publishing

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Pamela B., Creative Director
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Certified Color

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