Campaign Analytics

You answer to higher powers. And when it comes to marketing, today’s clients and CEOs no longer proceed on faith alone. Yes friend, they seek real-time testament. Rest easy. From personalized URLs and trackable response systems to online marketing dashboards, we’ll be your clandestine partner to ensure that your creative efforts keep you in good graces.

Reverence for relevance. In addition, we’ll help you impassion individual souls with resonating, variable messaging. Your traditional or cross-media communications may even inspire audiences to rise and shout hallelujah!

Free box lunch offer. In exchange for 45 minutes of your attention, we’ll treat you (and up to 10 coworkers) to an informative marketing technologies box lunch at your Twin Cities office. Click here to register.


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Global Access

Sexton’s Web-enabled solutions streamline workflows and eliminate several duplicate activities. And, they provide increased levels of… more >

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Certified Color

Achieving the G7 Master Qualification is kind of a big deal. To you, it simply means that your finished print materials will look great—and virtually… more >

Tracy handled our print job with complete professionalism. She managed a complicated project that came out looking exquisite. It is without question that I look forward to working with 
her... more >
Emily S., Donor Events Manager
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Tech Support

Faster than a spinning hard drive and able to leap tall server racks in a single bound, Sexton’s IT staff can help you with everything from software… more >