Mailing & Data

Here’s one area where staying between the lines is definitely rewarded. Get sloppy, and you’re bound to get stung.

Whether by the armload or truckload, Sexton’s mailing experts are masterful at negotiating the postal service’s labyrinth of requirements. They’ll help ensure that your communications arrive on time, intact, and as economically as possible.

In addition to producing standardized bar codes, we can help build marketing databases that increase personalization. How ironic is that? Beginning with existing or freshly acquired data, Sexton can add demographic or even psychographic enhancements. What’s more? We can help provide value analyses, segmentation, and audience profiles to tailor relevant marketing messages and maximize return on investment.

List hygiene: Delivery Sequence File (DSF), Address Element Correction (AEC), National Change of Address (NCOA), and more
CASS-certified address coding
PAVE-certified postal presorting
Mailing strategy consultations
Design analysis
Database acquisition and enhancement
Data analytics, segmentation, and profiling


Sexton is an expert in the printing industry that knows the best options and understands the customers’ needs and perspectives. They take our best interests to heart, providing a high level of... more >
Jennifer G., Data Manager
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Market Knowledge

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Supply Chains

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No Compromises

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