We pick, pack, kit, and ship thousands of inventoried items every year with a documented accuracy rate of 99.99 percent. But instead of more fulfillment blah, blah, blah…let us share a real-life Sexton solution.

One of our clients was generating great leads, but they weren’t translating into sales. At first glance, it appeared that the sales force wasn’t following up—but Sexton looked deeper. We completed a holistic analysis of the process they used to distribute brochures, instructional DVDs, and samples to potential customers. Problem found. When sales reps requested follow-up marketing materials, fulfillment took from two weeks to two months. Without a centralized tracking system, no one knew when materials were out of stock, which materials were requested frequently, or which items contributed most toward sales.

With the issue correctly identified, Sexton automated the marketing material ordering process through innovative online technologies—making it easier and quicker than ever for reps to receive materials. Instead of weeks or months, 95% of orders could now be fulfilled in less than 24 hours. The improved efficiencies even allowed the company to free up one full-time warehouse employee. In addition, Sexton incorporated tracking capabilities. For the first time, the client could measure which materials were being used. And, they could monitor ordering activities of the best performing reps to help determine the most effective material use.

Sexton implemented several production solutions for marketing collateral—moving high-demand pieces into large low-cost runs, while shifting infrequently used pieces to print-on-demand schedules. Finally, the centralized procurement process allowed Sexton and the customer to implement a visual brand guide to ensure that all marketing pieces communicated a unified message. It was a win-win: the sales force received easier access to promotional tools they needed, the brand was strengthened through consistent application of visual elements, expenses were reduced on marketing material production, and the company was able to hone strategies to effectively reach target customers.

These are the results of Sexton’s fulfillment services. Need we say more?


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Kat D., Production Manager