We’re not exactly newbies to secure data handling, but our official SOC2 documentation now proves it. Sexton’s facilities, personnel, systems, and procedures have been rigorously audited against the latest Service Organization Controls for security, confidentiality, processing integrity, availability, and HIPAA/HITECH (SOC2).

Sexton is now one of a very select group of printing and marketing service providers in the nation to offer this level of data-security assurance. In fact, when you visit our facilities, you’ll need to be accompanied just about everywhere on the premises—and have a chaperone with keycard access to view especially sensitive areas. While we pride ourselves on being a friendly bunch, not even our moms get “backdoor” access.

Audited SOC2 data-security program
Video surveillance and keycard-protected environments
Secure uploading and server storage
Stringent chain-of-custody procedures

More information about Service Organization Control Reports from the American Institute of CPAs can be found here.

Whether PHI materials, financial information, or promotional lists, it’s critical to keep sensitive data out of the wrong hands. That’s why organizations like healthcare companies, universities, and financial institutions entrust Sexton with their vital information.