Healthcare clients have been drawn to us for ages. We’ve evolved with the industry, helping customers comply with regulatory changes and manage ultra-tight third-party security compliance for protection of private data. From insurance providers and medical-device companies to assisted living campuses, we provide the latest communications capabilities. Doctors respond to relevant information, insurance providers benefit from data-driven campaigns, product materials look more engaging, and budgets can be sustained using multichannel efficiencies.

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“Whether PHI materials, financial information, or promotional lists...

no one wants sensitive data to fall into the wrong hands. Sexton’s facilities, personnel, systems, and procedures have all been rigorously audited against the latest security benchmarks. Sexton is part of an elite group of vendors worldwide that has earned HITRUST CSF Certification.” —Tim Sexton


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Market Knowledge

While our services are applicable to nearly any industry, we’ve concentrated our efforts on becoming experts in a few: healthcare, medical-device manufacturing, education… more >

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SOC2 Data Security

We’re not exactly newbies to secure data handling, but our official SOC2 documentation proves it. Sexton’s facilities, personnel, systems, and… more >

Thank you, Dave and everyone at Sexton, for another great year. We ask so much of you and often forget to tell you how happy we are with your work. I guess it is a given—that you do your best every time... more >
Sara K., Creative Director
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