New Prinect Inpress Control Automates Brand Consistency

As an experienced G7 Master Printer, Sexton’s print quality is unquestioned. And now, with the addition of a new Heidelberg XL 75 press with Prinect Inpress Control, registration and color consistency can even be maintained in real time.

Prinect Inpress Control measures and manages color and registration on the fly—at any speed. Integrated directly into the press, a spectrophotometric scanning system analyzes both process and spot colors by comparing actual printed pieces to reference (proof) values. Any required corrections are automatically sent to the connected Prinect Press Center for immediate adjustment without operator intervention.

Brand uniformity is critical to our clients, especially those in the healthcare and higher education segments,” said Tim Sexton. “This equipment investment keeps us on the forefront of print technologies and helps us provide our customers with uncompromising quality. Speedmaster reliability combined with Prinect Inpress Control allows us to manage color very effectively while accommodating today’s tight turnaround schedules.”

To learn more about our ever-expanding capabilities, contact your Sexton representative at (651) 457-9255.

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Varnish-like digital effects? Believe it.

Johannes Gutenberg might shout “Sorcery!” if he saw Sexton’s Clear Dry Ink. And while its appearance may be magical, it’s completely legal—even in Salem and Europe.

Clear Dry Ink can be used to economically create varnish-like effects on digitally printed pieces…without using secondary processes.

Make images pop
Highlight photos and logos
Add watermarks
Simulate pearlescence and metallics
Grab attention with mesmerizing creative effects

The impact of Clear Dry Ink must be seen to be appreciated, but the first part of this video may help provide a sense of its effects.

Want Clear Dry Ink samples, information, or design tips? Contact your Sexton representative.

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Sexton’s holistic, customer-centric philosophy featured by InfoTrends

As president of Sexton Printing, a third-generation family-owned business, Tim Sexton has witnessed and endured many changes in the industry. From the company’s early adoption of an all-digital workflow to a more recent expansion into secure data-driven communications, he has provided the clairvoyant vision that has successfully shaped Sexton.

“We couldn’t design the company around what we wanted to produce. Instead, we had to base our business model on the needs and wants of our customers. Print service providers must realize that they are not just manufacturers; they are essentially in the business of solving problems.”

As part of Sexton’s succession planning, Tim actually was elected by his fellow employees/siblings to succeed his father as president. During the past 15 years, he has led Sexton’s transformation from a product-focused producer into a holistic, customer-focused solutions specialist.

Tim shared his thoughts with InfoTrends in an article which can be downloaded here.

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New environmentally friendly platemaking system at Sexton

Like Batman’s Alfred, Sexton often works behind the scenes to promote environmental stewardship. Adding to a long list of eco-friendly practices, we’re proud to announce installation of an Agfa Graphics :Azura TS chemistry-free platemaking system. The new computer-to-plate system offers consistent and reliable production without compromises on press. It delivers razor-sharp image definition and holds up to 2%–98% screen tints at 200 lines per inch.

During imaging, particles within :Azura TS materials are fused together by a thermal laser. Physical processes then bond the images to plate substrates. Finally, a dedicated cleaning unit uses gum to finish the plates and clean unfused areas, with absolutely no chemical processing involved. This creates a healthier work environment and annual savings of approximately 150,000 gallons of water, previously required with older equipment. More information can be found at

:Azura is a trademark of Agfa Graphics N.V..

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Centura and Productolith Papers Retiring

After serving stalwartly for many years, NewPage Corporation is retiring its Centura® and Productolith® lines of paper. They are being replaced by the company’s new flagship brand, Sterling® Premium, which has been reengineered to provide enhanced optics, an extremely smooth surface, and a premium shade.

This is a win-win. Centura users will enjoy a world-class surface at a No. 2 price. Productolith customers will receive upgraded, brand-building quality that’s easy on budgets. More about Sterling Premium can be found at

Centura, Productolith, and Sterling are registered trademarks of NewPage Corporation.

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